The mistress also seeks devout, loyal and committed lifestyle slaves in 2 categories.

Read the descriptions provided below to find out if you qualify to become the personal property of Mistress Goddessa.

Live in or 24/7 servitude may be possible if the mistress deems you compatible and worthy of the privilege.

The Mistress seeks an older submissive sugardaddy slave, to cater to her every whim and desire. Your looks age and race are unimportant. I would prefer a mature gentleman over 45 but will consider a younger slave if net worth is congruent with the goddess' desires. You may be committed or single. Depending on your wealth the mistress may consider relocation to your area or household. This option would necessitate the ability to deliver whatever i desire without constraint. You should totally fit the description listed below.
You should be: affluent, upscale, financially secure, wealthy, genuinely enjoy submissive roleplay, extremely generous without constraint or complaint, lovingly devoted to your superior queen, CEO, executive or business owner type, My slightest wish should manifest as your deepest desire. Please DO NOT inquire to become an older personal slave if you do not fit these requirements. Do not waste my time with endless questions when you have no resources. I will require proof of your financial background. As soon i receive this verification you will be taken seriously. I have encountered many instances of fraud regarding my search for a submissive sugardaddy.

This type of slave must fit the REQUIREMENTS list exactly. However the PREFERENCES list is negotiable. I desire a fine (pretty-boy) featured slaveboy (Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Tom Cruise type) Penis size is unimportant. Your duties may include but are not limited to: running errands, preparing or delivering the mistress' meals, massaging and pleasuring the goddess, chauffeuring the mistress, cleaning and organizing, computer work etc. You should be available and willing to make a commitment for a period of time. (no one time deals) Similar to a boyfriend slave. You will practice monogamy although the mistress will be free to see whomever she chooses. You will receive an interview during which the goddess will consider the worthiness of your application. You will not receive any domme sessions until you have proved your commitment and usefulness.

Mistress' Requirements -
-18-32 age range
-fit, trim, or lean
-enjoys dildo training
-genuine submissive
-living in South Florida or easily able to relocate
-no girlfriend, wife or other commitment to interfere with your servitude.
-good committed attitude, obedient
-disease free (willing to be tested)
-full hair growth (on head), clear skin
-willing to remove unattractive body hair (especially facial)

Mistress Preferences -
- Long hair
- blonde or golden brown hair
- tanned
- muscular
- light eyes or colored contacts
- income and/or vehicle
- Bi - Bi curious
- bubble butt
- artistic or creative mind
- high intelligence
- computer talented
- drivers license
- Nice house or Apartment