The Mistress is familiar with many types of scenes. Some favorite scenarios include having her worthless slaveboys kneel at her supreme feet and softly kiss and clean her toes. She then enjoys rubbing her feet all over their face. The slave should be naked and exposed, while the mistress remains clothed and fully in control. She may ridicule the slaves measly excuse for a penis. Because a slaves one and only useful tool is his tongue!

She may decide to force the slave to wear girlie pink panties and perhaps a silky pair of thigh highs. She will torment and tease his useless rod thru the soft silky material and he will love it like the pig he is! He will be forced to admit how much his tight pink panties turn him on! And how he wishes he could be the mistress little lesbian slut slave!

Then he will be commanded to use his tongue to clean the mistress' soft silky legs. He will be sure to thank the mistress for this chance to worship her heavenly body with his disgusting mouth.

If the slave does a poor job at this or displeases the mistress in anyway. He will be spread eagled over the mistress bed or massage table. His hands will be bound tightly will cloth ties that cut into his flesh. He will be commanded to arch his back and stick his ass high into the air. So that his privates are fully exposed. The mistress will start off slowly, light pats will warm his pale ass and prepare it for the HARDER blows.

When the skin is properly warmed the mistress will lay into the slave with great relish. The slave will be given a safe word if desired and limits will be tested but respected. When his creamy ass is bright red and marked with her hand prints. The mistress may caress and soothe to prepare it for further punishments!

In order to fully institute total and complete submission and control the slave may also be subjected to dildo training. This humiliation will instill complete respect and loyalty. Slaves who enjoy this submission always return for more. And claim they never have stronger erotic sensation as when a sexy domme milks their prostate (from the rear) to completion!

For mouthy or disobedient slaves. The mistress must instill servitude with heavy handed cock and ball torture. He will receive alternating torture and teasing. Till his pathetic organ throbs with confusion. Unsure if the next stroke will pleasurable or stinging pain. He will tremble with anticipation ad desire. He may be blindfolded to insure his feeling of helplessness and total loss of control.

The mistress
will continue to abuse him mercilessly in the name of female supremacy and in revenge of the oppression of women everywhere. His nipples may be fitted with clothespins or twisted and teased alternately.

Different scenes are inspired both both by the mood of the mistress as well as the fetish fantasy desired by the submissive slave. Many Slaves desire a more sensual or moderate type domination. These type of sessions can include foot and body worship. (with or without silky nylons) Where the mistress relaxes while her feet and body receive through cleaning or massage. Some enjoy being smothered by ass or breast. Some slaves enjoy various types of psychological roleplay scenarios. They can be acted out with or without costumes. Some popular scenes include: SIMULATED RAPE - often slaves fantasize that they are a young boy forced or molested by an older stronger female. LESBIAN SLUT (and/or forced feminization) - an extremely popular roleplay of slaveboys is to fantasize they are a perfect 10 female "playboy type" being spanked, dildo trained and abused by a controlling dominant female

Other popular themes include: Lady cop, Nurse, Teacher/Student ,Domineering mother or sister, Amazon female (Xena type).

The mistress will take into consideration your fetish fantasy. Study the "My Interests" page for a full listing of the mistress' offerings.

Be sure to let the Mistress know what your ideal session consists of. She will incorporate her individual style with your fantasy to produce a mind and body blowing experience of dark pleasures! You may also choose to submit to whatever pleasurable but humiliating activities the mistress' whims or moods are that day.

Do consider some input if a particular fetish is more attractive to you. And be certain to express the level of severity you desire both mentally and physically. I am both a professional and lifestyle dominatrix. I am not "faking it". I absolutely adhere to the strict philosophy of female superiority of women (human beings) over the "lower sex" of men (beasts). I believe all males are inherently repulsive drones barely suitable for stud service. Their sole purpose on earth is to work as manual slaves for the benefit of female kind. This fundamental truth has been buried and skewered by the patriarchy throughout history. I believe all men should pay for this blasphemy of the supreme goddess.

When i lay into a slave with blows or dive deeply from behind. I smile with pleasure and satisfaction knowing that the debt that is owed is now receiving payment!!!!! When i am enjoying subjecting some deserving slave to his surrender. I believe his entire body is mine to treat as i please. I know he receives ultimate pleasure from his submission that non submissive men will never experience in the "vanilla relationship" with a woman. every man knows in his heart that he is a worthless piece of shit. A walking dildo, barely even useful for that purpose. When his true nature is recognized he is finally free to experience his longed for natural submissiveness to an aggressive dominant woman.

A slaves cries for leniency and mercy fall on deaf ears. As i receive a great deal of erotic pleasure from their obvious pain and torment. A fresh rush of excitement runs along my spine without fail!

Your mistress,